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Visiting Easter Island!
Easter Island is special, very special. The islands breathes a very special atmosphere because everything relates back tot the statues.(moai) Apart from the Moai there is not much to see on the small islands(± 170 km2, 1/3 the size of Texel, Netherlands) With 4000 inhabitants, who almost all live in the capital Hanga Roa, you can imagine the island is very quiet.
I went there for my work, we had to take pictures from the Moai for an Italian travel agency.
We wanted to shoot the Moai during sunset, wtih very low light and that's about the time that most tourist are taken back tot their hotels by the guides.
We wanted to catch the magic moment, and magic it was! So quiet, just the 2 of us, the Moai and the sound of the shutter.
When you go there, visit the Moai in the very early morning or late evening, you won't regret it.


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Pepijn says

11-05-2007 | 11:53

VERY impressive!! And great pictures to go with it!
I'd like to go see the island myself someday, but I heared the flight etc. takes extremely long since the island is so remote...
Do you remember how long it took you to get there? Was it doable? Or was it one of those once but never again experiences?

BOSS says

30-05-2007 | 14:09

It took 2 days, 1 day from Amsterdam to Madrid and then from Madrid to Santiago(Chile). There we had t take a hotel for the night and leave for Easter Isalnd the next day, a 4-5 hour flight if I remember right.
It was doable because the flight was spread over 2 days, I wouldn't recomment to do it in 1 go.
Bottom line; it was very nice toov seen, but if you're not a Moai-fetisjist I would consider an other island, there's nothing else to do and the people are funny, really funny.

Anonymous says

4-12-2008 | 17:42

pffffffffffft yeah right as if this sits real!

Anonymous says

4-12-2008 | 17:49

hi im doing a project on eaer isalb abd my names kristiii...lynn...meulahdhks, i dont like s.s studdies very mucn but eate islbd does sound insterestin...well i want good infor my im usin this info so it better be right..and isee th=ere is not coee at ehbottom so it is most likely fake!! ...oh well i will jsut get teh sit adres and if the info is wrong them...u r too blkame not me like i new this carp was not true..well i would like to go ot e.i one day you no eater isalnd well thakn you for the info i hope it is good....well thanks so mcuh you all...Bye,

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06 May 2007
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